Cryogenic   ISO   Container   Rental

20’ container: 24 bar with pump

Max working pressure: 24 bar
Capacity: 20,100L
Inlet and outlet jacket: stainless steel
Inlet: 2.5ʺ ANSI #300 flange
Outlet: 1.5ʺ ANSI #300 flange
Equalizing line: yes
Inner tank vessel: ASME
Holding Time for air gases: Around 80 days
Vaporizer: up to 80 Nm3/h

Smith electrical pump

Ref: MC3 FSS
Flow rate: Flow rate: 378 L/min
Tension: 400 Volts / 50 Hz
Intensity: 32 A

20’ container benefits:

  • Approved for transport of medical and foodgrade gases
  • Holding time : The higher of the market & authentic calculations (verification by additional technologies)
  • Equalizing line : reduce losses during the off load
  • Stainless steel outer tank is more performing than others (black steel)
  • Pressure Building Unit more powerful : fact pressure building
  • Stainless Steel -> more robust, no oxidation